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Good News About Paying to Us through Western Union !
Time Published:2017/06/21 01:41       Browse Times:Times         News
Good News for you to pay to us through Western Union !

Welcome to contact us by Whatsapp :  + 86  15829774150     or  Contact our Skype :  wanhao2016 

Please send your detailed address, phone number,  zip code , your whatsapp and your name 

                                                   Our Western Union Information
Last Name : ZHAO 

First Name : WEI GANG 

Zip Code : 710065                           Phone Number : +86 15829774150

City : Xi'an                                          Province : Shaanxi 

Country : China

Note :
Please Immediately send us the Payment Copy with the MTCN No. when you have paid , Then, we can receive your payment.  

Thank you very much for your understanding and support !