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How to Avoid Your Amazon Seller Account Suspended
Time Published:2017/04/17 00:03       Browse Times:Times         News
Firstly, " the customer first "
Your top priorities and Amazon's top priorities are customer focus, and while this is an old-fashioned topic, it's important .
In fact, a very important report is hidden behind the seller's background to monitor the health of your account. Click Performance tab, go to the Customer Satisfaction interface, and then click the tab AccountHealth.
Second,  " keep close contact with your customers " 
One of the most important principles for avoiding Amazon seller account suspension is to keep in close contact with your customers. The best way to do this is to send an automated e-mail message to follow-up customers for each purchase.   This Can help you:
1. Let you build relationships with your customers.
2. Allows you to stop any dissatisfied customers from leaving negative product reviews or seller feedback in advance.
Because there is no ready-made solution at the right time for customers to provide the correct message. With JumpSend, you can set campaign, which I recently used to send emails at different stages after purchase. By recognizing orders from customers to allowing customers to review product features and benefits, this allows you to cultivate loyal customers and ultimately improve their satisfaction after purchase