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Kenya Signs E-commerce Deal with China
Time Published:2016/04/05 16:55       Browse Times:Times         News

Mr Kiprono Kittony, the chairman of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Kenya and China have launched an online window to cut out middle men and reduce logistics cost for import and export trade between the two countries.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce (KNCCI) signed a deal to bring Chinese e-commerce service Amanbo into the Kenyan market. Under the deal KNNCI will help verify the quality and standards for Kenyans who want to post their products for the Chinese market.

Amanbo encourages Kenyans to open free online shops to advertise in China while importing from China.

“This partnership offers verification for commodities so that we ensure Kenyan businesses are getting authentic products which conforms to the description on the website,” KNNCI chairman Kiprono Kittony said at the Kenya-China import and export e-commerce platform launch.

Mr Kittony said the two countries should work to increase Kenyan goods going to China.

“We want to see more coffee, cut flowers and vegetable being exported into the Chinese markets,” he said.

The web platform which was launched this year in Africa targeting the growing volumes of trade between the continent and Africa is a game changer in the import and export trade.

Amanbo has set up Cross-border E-commerce Business in West Africa, central and North Africa and in Kenya .

It eliminates the language barrier and offers local traders a large pool of options to pick the most competitive prices from thousands of manufacturers for their products.

It also cuts expenses for traders such as agent fees, travel and accommodation since the site’s services are free and are accessible online. Of course this will be very attractive.for more Kenyan importers.

Unnecessary risk of dealing with agents is also gone with a verification process involved,  guaranteeing suppliers qualification and the quality of products supplied by Chinese companies. This is another good point.

Traders have been raising concerns on quality and poor redress systems when importing from China.

The disruptive technology by Shenzen Right Net Company African subsidiary marks the rise of e-commerce trade in Kenya with continental players including Jumia, OLX, BidorBuy establishing a foothold in the country.

Analysts estimate that e-commerce market will be worth $50 billion by 2018, compared to $8 billion in 2013.