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Huge Benefits of Silk
Time Published:2017/04/17 00:01       Browse Times:Times         News

Silk bedding and silk quilt(duvet) are regarded to be one of the healthiest beddings in the world..

Silk products, including the silk bedding set, silk fabrics, silk clothes.etc. are all really beneficial to people's body and health. This is absolutely true for the following reasons:

Silk products,especially silk bedding set, is very soft, comfortable hand feeling,fantastic designs and attractive styles. Keep Healthy and Beauty--18 types of Amino Acid and the Protein involved inside the silk could adjust skin moisture, nourish skin and delay aging.

Precaution against the ultraviolet rays--the Aminoethan could effectively avoid radiation of the ultraviolet rays. dramatically reduce the possibilities of skin cancer.

Strong ability of keeping clean-- Silk products are anti-static and will not trigger any bacteria or the harmful mites.

Delay aging--Silk products can promote blood circulation and metabolism,enhance vitality of skin.delay aging

Silk has the amazing ability to keep us cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool. It does this by allowing our body heat to dissipate. Conventional (down, feather and polyester) duvets work in a similar way to a pressure cooker. As we sleep our body heat is reflected back to us from the duvet and we are kept warm. This however continues to happen throughout the night which causes overheating.

Long fibre mulberry silk duvets are manufactured using a layering grid technique which places layer upon layer of silk in a criss cross pattern. This design allows some of our body heat to escape through the duvet, leaving us warm but not hot. Being a more constant temperature throughout the night allows our bodies to have a more relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.---Enjoy Silk, Enjoy Life !