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Silk Road- China's Splendid Culture
Time Published:2015/08/01 16:41       Browse Times:Times         News
The world-famous Silk Road originated in China 2200 years ago,and created by Mr. Zhang Qian, the royal ambassador assigned by Han Dynasty 202 B.C . It started from Xi'an City and went though all important areas & regions of Gan Su Province,including today's famous Tian Shui City and Lan Zhou City, and then expanded to Middle Asia, West Asia,European continents and Afica .
Silk Road had become an indispensable " bridge" which connected Chinese people and the outside world. Since the establishment of the Silk Raod 2200 years ago, people of different continents and areas began to know each other more often with the improvement of mutual understanding and trust as well as business cooperation.For instance, Chinese excellent silk products,exquisite ceramics,advanced weaving technique and Chinese tea as well as many other  items were introduced into Middle Asia,West Asia, Europe and the Africa. and thus led to an unprecedented popularity and prosperity of China in the world. meanwhile, many good products and information were also brought into ancient China. the cultural exchange and the mutual understanding & cooperation were dramatically promoted. Profound Chinese Eastern culture , ancient Rome culture and Arabic culture were connected together.which largely boosted prosperity of the whole world. This booming development had produced a far-reaching influence on the subsequent society and the world.

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