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Congratulations ! Our Business Has Expanded to Africa-Kenya !
Time Published:2018/01/23 19:30       Browse Times:Times         News
After months of hard work and preparation, We, Wan Hao Global Leading Supplier . has successfully entered into the vast African markets as the expansion of our business at the end of 2015.
Currently, our company is focusing on the Kenya as our target market, Many of our attractive and top-selling products have been transported to the exhibition hall loacated in Nairobi, the Capital city of Kenya. and will be shown to many Kenya importers / wholesalers continuously .
What's more inspiring is that more than 100 top local wholesalers and importers as well as many other buyers will visit the exhibition hall and confirm their orders .

Meanwhile, the CCTV  and Kenya's journalists dispatched from local TV Stations also will come to the site and launch a complete interview and the news report.

Obviously, this will be a good opportunity for our company to propogate our better products and better services for African customers .
The following pictures are from the Kenya's exhibition site. we're expecting a good start and promising business with much hope in Kenya !

   Our Advertisement Board Showed in the Exhibition Hall of Kenya.   158cm * 112cm
 Entrance of Exhibition Hall of Kenya--Our Company's Products are Showed Inside !

             Reception / Info Center Loacted inside the Exhibition Hall of Kenya

       A Kenya Purchasing Manager of a Hotel is Ordering our Bedding Products

More Pictures Will Be Showed Soon....