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looking for Sales Manager ( Internship )
Time Published:2016/04/15 11:44       Browse Times:Times         News
looking for Sales Manager ( Internship ), Welcome to contact us if you are interested .

Job position : English online Sales Manager and Website Promotion

Detailed Requirements :

1. Quickly  Learn  knowledge  and information about home-textile products. such as 4-pc bedding

set, Silk Quilt (Silk Duvet) , Clothes, and many other products showed on our website.

2. Search  potential  buyers / importers  though  internet,  Contact customers, send and receive

business E-mails to establish business trade cooperation.

3. Positively execute the online website promotion and products promotion by WhatsApp, Skype......

4. Be responsible for our foreign customers, positively and wisely provide products to customers

and also be responsible for the after-sale services. feedback to clients regarding all questions sent

by our customers.  Feedback / reply to customers on time and in a professional way .

5. Accept the business trip or the over-time if necessary.

6. Positively  participate  weekly  meeting  and  share  practical proposals or important information.

                                    Requirements Regarding Jobs in Our Company

1. Respect and Understand Job Instructions and requirements made by the General Manager.

2. Work Hard to fulfill and finish job task / targets. Avoid Being Late in Every Working Day

3. Positively participate weekly meeting and the discussion, and provide practicable proposals.

4. Accept over-time and the affairs relates to job position when necessary.

5. Very skilled at computer operation , including software used very often.

6. Fluent spoken English and also very skilled at writing and translation.

7. Good ability and Enthusiastic about learning and practice.

Any questions, please contact us via E-mail  : 

Looking forward to working together with you !

Bruce      General Manager

Xi’an Wan Hao International Trading Co.,Ltd ( China )